Learn the exact system, elements, and process I use to study and create the mind maps on my YouTube channel.

Here is a breakdown of the contents...

  • 7 Hours of video training: Highly concentrated, deeply reflected upon, action-oriented content.
  • Downloadable in MP3 and MP4 formats
  • Step-by-step process checklist and mind maps
  • Homework exercises: Apply what you learn and revisit back for insightful optimizations and further development.
  • Lifetime access: You can also download the content via included download links to the videos and other included content.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: I am confident that you will reap the benefits of this program. However, if you follow all the steps of the program and are still not satisfied, I will refund you within 30 days of the purchase date.

Here is what others have to say about the program... 

"Thank you for the Mind Map program. I am finding it very helpful in my career as a nurse practitioner by applying it to pharmacology & diseases. I am noticing that my retention is so much better from using mind maps and just want to thank you for your program!" - Joan Peperone APRN, FNP-C

"I bought your Mind Mapping course. It’s very good, great content, I’m learning a lot. I recommend it for everyone that’s reading this comment and no, Joseph is not paying me to say it."  - Thiago Henrique

"So dense!! So much value!! So much volume!! The elements that I learned about in the mind mapping course that you use in your mind maps are becoming more clear and prevalent to me in my life and while paying close attention with an accountability partner to your book reviews." - Johnny Young

Thank you for putting this course together. What I paid for this training pails in comparison to what i have learned, and I have not even finished model 3 yet. Again... THANK YOU! Henry Castillo

I bought your two courses yesterday. I had made that decision after listening to just a few minutes of your teaching as I mentioned in my previous email.

This morning I listened to your 1 hour soliloquy which I had already downloaded from YouTube. It confirmed that both my initial impression and my decision to buy the courses was the right one. This is high grade stuff. I love it.

 Some of what you taught in the overview of your course already gave me deeper insights about areas of my own teachings, in addition to how to present them.

 I have been teaching for a long time and, as I was listening to you, I realized that I have gone in depth in my teaching using the same methods you have identified in the last 18 years - without knowing that I was I was doing it! Except for me it has been 40 years. You can probably imagine the amount of information I have processed.

It is extremely valuable to "put some flesh" on the methods I have utilized intuitively (not to mention the new ones I undoubtedly will learn from you), and I thank you for introducing the incredible application of mind mapping to me.

Your well researched and thought through work will not only revolutionize the way I present things, but also save me the considerable time I take to identify what I call "the sketch of my teachings;" (what you identify as the 5%). - Jean-Claude

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