Summary of what you get...

  • All Five Programs

    Lifetime access to all five of my core foundational home-study programs. If you choose to cancel the membership eventually after the first month, keep all five programs. Only the community portion will be disabled.

  • Live Weekly Zoom Coaching + Mastermind Sessions

    Weekly live Zoom group coaching with Joseph, masterminding sessions with Joseph and other members. The ability to interact with other members during the sessions. Recordings are available for your personal use. I may also add more sessions with special themes during the week.

  • Membership Community & Mastermind

    Interact with Joseph and the other members in a membership community where Joseph or the others contribute to your vision in a mutually beneficial way, supported by Joseph.

  • Currently, we have around 50 members. I like to keep it at 55 max!

  • On Mondays, we hold a Zoom coaching session with members, and Joseph facilitates the discussion. Members join the Zoom session with video and audio. Audio replays are available after the sessions.

  • On Thursdays, we hold a Zoom mastermind session where we discuss with other members creative ways to combine relationships, assets, and opportunities to grow our businesses and careers. Audio replays are available after the sessions.

  • In each session, members report back on previous steps taken, and everyone contributes to each other's progress.

  • There is a community section where others connect with and support each other; Joseph also participates there.

  • Members also host meet-up groups and break-out communities on various topics to meet and support each other outside of our two weekly Zoom sessions.

Client case studies...


  • What day and time are the Zoom sessions?

    The group coaching session is held on Mondays at 1 p.m. PST. The group masterminding session is held on Thursdays at 10:30 a.m. PST. They typically go for two hours or longer, based on participation.

  • Can we cover topics outside of flow-based prosperity?

    The primary focus is on what is mentioned in the video above. If deemed helpful to actualizing your prosperity in a flow-based way and mutual benefit for all in the program, I may consider exploring other topics, although the overall direction of the program is flow-based prosperity.